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Radio - A Free Medium!

"Radio does not work". If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that statement..well you know.

Radio does work but like every other marketing tool you have to use it correctly to garner measurable results.

It's FREE. Unlike Newspaper, Movies, Magazines, Cable, Internet, Satellite Radio or Television the consumer does not pay anything to listen to the radio. (Yes, you can watch TV with a set of rabbit ears, but how many channels do you get?!)

Reach. How many cars don't have a radio? 

Time Spent Listening. Has your commute to work gotten shorter?

Favorite Factor. The consumer may listen to many different stations but almost invaribly they have a "favorite" radio station. This "favored" status translates to the marketing messages that the consumer hears on their favorite station.

Targetability - With radio you can choose to target young or old, male or female, along with a host of other lifestyle characteristics.

With more than 20 years of direct radio experience,we know how to make radio work for our clients. Please refer to the Overall Strategy as this is key to a successful radio campaign.

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