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Direct Mail - Core Benefits

Targetability: You can target key customers by geographical area, previous purchases, product affinity, and potential interest based on accumulated or purchased databases.

Reach: Every household in the marketplace is up for grabs, or at least every consumer that has the right lifestyle characteristics that you wish to target.

Maintenance: Direct mail can build and reinforce existing consumer relationships through personalized mailings.

Tracking: Response rate is easily measured, and can be tracked through coupon redemption and return-card/call-back options. We even offer web based data collection during an activation process.

Precision: Direct mail allows you to convey highly detailed information about your product or service. It's visual! It's tangible!

Three Keys to Success for any Direct Mail Campaign -

#1. A Great Offer - If the consumer doesn't get excited about the offer - THEY"RE NOT GOING TO REDEEM IT.

#2. A Stunning Look - You've got to catch the consumers attention immediately - STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

#3. Excellent Data - If you put the cards into the hands of consumers who are likely to respond to your offer - THEY WILL.

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